Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver (XAGUSD)-Cycles-Update

 Silver cycles + My buy call on 24 Feb 2011
@32.20 .Given targets 36.86-37.83.
Target -1 $36.86Achieved .
Silver made high till now $37.23

Please Remember my 7th March  forecast on Silver.and 17 Th March "Gold Big spike on the way"

Since My buy call on 24/02/11 silver Gained $5.00 and Gold Buy call @1322 and all my clients booked profits @1438 on 7 March.again bought on 16th @1387.and on 17th i have posted Gold big spike in blog.since My Gold spike forecast Gold gained $60till now.As I expected 1478 for Gold between 18-22March.But still Gold not yet Reached My forecast  price.Due To Japan Quake and Nuclear Disaster even Gold, silver dropped significantly..later very quickly bounced back to Old levels (Like a Pendulum ).Hope My forecast/given target price will be comes soon in Gold too.

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