Saturday, August 2, 2008

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u r my guest

Many investors are waiting for this month.this is the time for new investment in stocks .

January we have seen many ups &downs in Indian
stock market &world markets.Many were losers and few are gainers

All are in depressed mood with market trends.It was continuously in down ward position
since January .During June/July market went down side ,by various reasons like crude prices hitting high. And political issues.After that some unwanted incidents like bomb blasts.No one can guess market trends exactly in these situations .

Even though
I have predicted every day market trends very accurately with my astrological knowledge .up to 90% my predictions have come true in intra day stock market. Many people, those who are getting my msgs in yahoo messenger everyday ,they know about my accuracy in predictions.I am alerting investors every trading day with my morning msgs &time to time up/down trends as per planetary transits. Since June many of my clients were benefited with my ASTRO NUMERICAL READINGS & time to time advises about Nifty& BSE sensex.

Are you an investor ?
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forecasts ? join in my group.with a low monthly fees. avoid risks ,and gain more even in down trends ,with my astro advises . Send ur request to join in my group.

Its not a business.With all your cooperation i will continue my astro research on stock market to give more accurate readings in future .

And we are offering our readings to limited members only.

Are u one of them?

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note: i am an astrologer only.some times my interpretation may go wrong,and Ur profits/losses based on your personal horoscope also.we have to consider world trends&domestic matters also, while predicting market trends to prevent investors risk.and use ur own brain also.

jai guru datha
for more details contact us.
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