Thursday, October 2, 2008

on 2nd oct 2008 the us markets droped again. bcoz of sun square aspects on jupiter,pulling down markets once agin. but again the US markets may recovers some considerable points after opening on 3rd oct 08. but bcoz of sun square aspect with jupiter, dow&nadaq may slips to previous , even $700 billion rescue plan signed by president Bush .

According my predictions the gold , silver,&crude price moving down side crude below $100 .silver trading at below $12.00 and gold below $850.

3rd oct 08 the Indian stock markets with down side to previous close.i am not expecting any major highs today. but the markets may move upside after 7th. i am expecting 3950 nifty high level and down side 3850 .if cross 3850 nifty may touch 3800 fig on 3rd oct08