Tuesday, October 7, 2008


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Today in 1st off session the Indian markets in positive, but slipped again in 2nd off.but today is starting point to stock markets upward trend.according to my astro views the world markets will be start upward trend today only. but some other markets close in red.but not with any major losses.
i am expecting today THE US MARKETS ALSO +VE POINTS BY OPENING.And this up side trend may continue upto 1hr after opening ,But after that DOW& NASDAQ indexes may move down side today.
my view sun speration aspects on jupiter,which may lead gold price up. and MARS speration aspects with pluto may lead crude price once again move upside. GOLD between $850 TO $900 and crude $88 TO $98 , in 2nd week of oct 2008.(7th to 15th)