Friday, October 10, 2008


Good morning all, in the natural zodiac the planetary bad aspects not yet over.The bad planetary aspects influence may continue in the world markets some more days.These bad transit of planets may create new bottom levels in world stock markets. we can expect Indian markets also follows same down trend for some more days. even some minor upward trend comes from 13th oct ,again THE STOCK MARKETS may fall in the zodiac Venus transiting in scorpio , and conjoined with mars in Scorpio. Scorpio the sign of debt &death in natural zodiac, and mercury which signifies traders& trading ,is in retrograde and hemmed between two malefic planets,offers worst results in stock markets , mercury comes in direct on 15th oct.hope after that only markets will be move upside. the stock markets may stop down trends then only.we can observe this from 13 th in indian markets.

i am expecting another major down fall comes in US markets today by opening.already yesterday we have seen a major down fall in DOW index.,today also the US markets move some further down side.i am expecting some recovery might be take place from todays low levels in closing hrs.hope DOW&NASDAQ MAY BE CLOSE IN GREEN OR VERY NEARST TO PREVIOUS CLOSE.......