Friday, October 17, 2008

msg for 17th stock markets.

Good morning all. MERCURY turned into direct motion.because of stationary to direct,16th oct 08 also markets in down trend.but on 17th 0ct 08 Mercury moves in direct.Hope stock markets will be get support from markets in upward motion.we have seen this MERCURY direct motion influence on US stock markets today. in Indian markets also recovery started from day's bottom levels. but because of mercury stationary Indian markets not get full support from investors &bulls.hope today market will get support from investors&bulls.but Pluto bad influence on markets still markets will be in normal position. from Nov 6th 08 markets will get full support from planets. upto 15th December. markets will be in green.hope nifty may reach 3700 fig before end of this month.

with best wishes