Thursday, October 23, 2008


According to astrological theories,when ever a planet transits in 29*,in a sign, that planet offers worst results in mundane matters. now in natural zodiac the Pluto transiting in 29*of Sagittarius.and the natural financial lord Jupiter also transiting in Capricorn(debilitated sign).the death &debt planet kills Jupiter power.the node transiting in Aquarius.which is 11th sign in natural zodiac. and Saturn opposition with Uranus getting strength.the business planet Mercury transiting in Libra, but hemmed between two malefic planets.Venus moving towards Pluto,and conjunct with Jupiter and Pluto soon.bcoz of these bad transits of planets the world markets may reach again their new bottom levels soon.i am expecting the worse may continue till 1st week of November.after 6th November the world markets may get some relief.before that the Indian stock markets ,ie:BSE sensex may comedown to 8.5 or 8k soon.after reaching this point again markets moves my views if sensex reach this bottom level again markets bounces back after 6th November. sensex may gain 3k points in the month of crude will reach $60/61 per this point crude get gold coming down day by day. we can expect gold may reach $650 per ounce in coming weeks .if once reach this level good buying will start.

these are my astrological views technical s taken in to consideration.