Monday, October 6, 2008

stock market forecast

In my 27th Sep 08 post i have given my views about stock markets, in that post i have mentioned about 6th Oct 08 market trend.according to that prediction today the indian markets closed by huge loss of points. not only indian markets the world markets also following this down trend.but in my astrological opinion , from 7th onwards the indian markets may move upward. and the world stock markets also get some relife.the bad planetary aspects almost over.but the transit of Node(RAHU) in aquarious is worst for global economy . but sun square aspects on jupiter will be over on 7th. so the markets may get some relax after separation of sun aspects on we can expect the markets may bounce back. After sepration of sun square aspects on jupiter very next day the markets start upward trend.The past history saying that.

And after sun seperation aspects on jupiter , favourable decissions may take place by govts.bcoz of this govt new policies the investors may get some relax from these worst down falls of stock markets. the govt or other public sectors money will come into indian markets we can expect FII investments again. and the bulls may enters once the markets may be in bullish from 7th oct 08.

in my opinion todays low indexes we never see in this year again. today is mostly end of these down trends.but the recovery of markets in a slow moment. i am expecting the indian markets BSE sensex gains 500 to 800 points &NSE with 150 to 250 in 2nd week of october.

The other world markets also starts some recovery,the stock prices strat upward after 7th oct 08.if not start by 7th tehn we can expect from 10th. some times the bad planetary aspect results may continue one or two days after seperation also .some times end on exact day.

6th oct 08 may be a Block Monday to world markets.Another panic day for US stock markets.