Monday, October 27, 2008

stock markets Vs planets

msg for 27 oct 2008

Good morning all. Happy Diwali.

Now in the zodiac the bad planetary transit not yet over.In my previous post i have explained the bad aspects of planets.In my lost article i have given downside figs of BSEsensex.on Friday the sensex reached 8700 level . which is nearest to my astrological expectations.see my previous article. i am expecting those down side points in sensex in coming trading,500 between BSEsensex fig .And nifty will touch 2325 soon.if not get support at this levels, we can expect BSE sensex 7800 &Nifty at 2000 levels before November 6th

according to my astrological views the Saturn opposition with Uranus getting strength , means now Saturn close opposition taking place ,which may indicates loss of Saturn’s strength. Saturn rules crude oil. so the crude price will drops up to 60% from its high.the high price of crude we have seen $147.50 per barrel. So crude will touch $60 soon. if at this level not get support, according Fibonacci charts,the next supporting level is $50 per barrel.we can expect these price in coming days.

in my previous post i have given low price of gold, which is $650 per ounce. now gold trading at $720-730 between . A temporary upward showing according to Jupiter transit. But when Pluto enters into Capricorn, at that time gold price will drop again . my expectation in November 2008 gold price will come down to $650.MERCURY transiting between two malefic planets.and sun ingress in Scorpio which may shows silver price stability at $8-9 between.

but transit jupiter not forming any angles with natal crude chart planets. if Jupiter do miracles , gold will be $600 &crude will be reach $25 per barrel.let us see what will happen in coming days.

The transit planets indicating new bottom levels on 27th oct 2008 in NSE.


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