Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear followers,

in my last posts i have expressed my views on stock markets .The Indian markets bounced back after reaching their bottoms. the BSE sen sex went up to 7750(approximately), on same day the markets started recovery. again gained nearly 3k points in sen-sex. nifty also seen 2250 levels, after that nearly 1000 points recovery taken place. in my last posts i have given after 6th Nov only markets will be in recovery position. but the results are coming in advance. approximately 5days before the planetary results applying, but my all astrological expectations came true . my expected bottom levels reached once.

after some more astrological observation , the Jupiter (financial lord), not getting strength in this month also. and Venus moving towards Pluto. and Pluto transit in Capricorn, some how bad to markets. on 9th Pluto enters in Capricorn. some major changes will be occurs in the world. its not a positive significance according to me. bcoz the natural 10th house is Capricorn. which represents. public employment globally. the death planet Pluto transit in this sign not good for job holders. more pain ful days for unemployment.Many companies would be cut jobs in this time.the financial lord also enters in Capricorn (according to indian nirayana) in DEC 2nd week. and his conjunction with node in Capricorn(in nirayana zodiac), more economical problems will be face by world. and now Saturn's separating aspect with Uranus was started. some relief for markets. from 20th November. before that markets will not get good support from investors.

up to 20th November stay away from markets. there is some uncertainty in markets up to that day. Now crude trading at $60which is expected by me earlier.if crude not get support at this point more fall indicating according to crude may reach up to$50 in coming days.and i have some doubt also.the Jupiter conjunction with rahu,&Saturn separation aspects with uranus may offers crude price more down side likely $25.per barrel.let us see what will be happens in crude price in coming days.

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