Sunday, December 21, 2008

sun ,pluto conjunction

Markets may slip again.

My last week expected nifty points reached.But still one day left for
upward trend. today SUN exact conjunction with PLUTO takes place by
evening.SUN semi-sextile with Jupiter over.but MARS &JUPITER semi-
sextile is there.which is showing some minor upward trend in Indian
markets today after opening. but i am not expecting any major up in
nifty.nifty may slips again on 23rd or 24 .

MOON transiting in Libra in the star of RAHU ,volatile in markets
after noon.

Either 23rd or 24th heavy selling may takes place in NSE.

CRUDE gets support at $30-$34 between.

Buy silver with long term view.silver may reach $18 once again in 2009.

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