Monday, January 5, 2009


Now in the natural zodiac Jupiter enters in Aquarius and conjunction with mercury.Mars separating (5*)from Pluto conjunction.And Venus transiting in his exaltation sign Pisces.Today the financial lord Jupiter enters in Aquarius natural 11th sign (all gains ) conjunction (within 5* )with Mercury (traders and trading) .And Venus separation aspect of sextile (60*) with Pluto.and Moon transiting in ARIES.

According to above planetary transits. some changes will come in financial markets as well as stock markets. now Mars will gets some strength, and Jupiter also gains some we can expects some upward motion in world stock markets. and traders and investors will gain in this time.

But the transit of Jupiter in 29* of Capricorn ends only today after noon. after that only markets will be in upward motion .the upward motion already started 5days back, but it was not clear uptrend bcoz of Jupiter transit at 29* Capricorn.

The Jupiter moving towards Node, which is indicating more money flows in to markets.same time Jupiter and mercury are with in 5*.THE FINANCIAL SECTORS WILL GETS SUPPORT FROM INVESTORS AS WELL AS GOVT.

so we can expect some upward trend in world markets.In Indian markets ,Nifty will be reach 3250+ and Sensex will be 11,000+ levels in coming days.

Expecting DOWJONES also gains more points ,the DOW index will be reach 9,500 levels IN COMING DAYS

I am expecting some boom will come on 6th or 7th in Indian markets as well as in world markets.

in my previous article that i have expressed my views on Mars & Pluto conjunction ,that leads wars
and Defense activity. we have seen these situations in India,Sri Lanka , now in Gaza.Hope mars separation with Pluto will stop these war situations .



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