Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gold Expectations

gold touched $890...made low 889.30..on 3rd Feb 2009....

what is next move in gold..?

now in the zodiac mercury turned in direct motion...Mars moving towards Jupiter(the lord of gold)

Venus(lord of ornaments) entered in Aries (A detrimental sign of venus)...and getting aspects (square)from Pluto.

Mars trying to push gold upside...but Pluto trying to pull down gold ornamental sales...

in this planetary conditions....the gold price may face huge ups&downs..

on 3rd feb gold made low of $889.30.. again it will go up...may reach $907/910

from this level again fall up to $895..or $

imp dates to watch in gold trend: 5-02-2009 &10-02-2009


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