Friday, April 3, 2009

what is next in stock markets?

markets bottom out?

My views on markets...according to astrology.

There is no strength in planets to offer good results for markets..

The current rally will closes very soon..

A temporary uptrend can't boost investors mind.

Now in the zodiac Venus is in retrograde and receiving aspects from Pluto will be start his retrogression course..

Pluto coming back to clear balances ....

Mars vs saturn opposition is there ....sun sextile with jupiter will be few days.

A sudden reversal will be comes in markets by Mars .

Now a sudden rise have seen by us in markets...

Mars results are like that only... starting with flash ending with crash...

so again stock markets down trend will be start.. very soon..

but will not reach October lows..10-12%correction will come.FROM CURRENT LEVLS.

Dow will retest 6900..Indian Nifty will retest 2850...

Gold will drop upto 875/868...if $861 breaks chances for $842

in return boom will start...this's separation with Node will offers boom in gold prices .

Again gold will reach$965... $1005...$1045 levels

if 1058 breaks once...then we can expect $1100 in end of this year/early months of 2010


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