Friday, May 22, 2009

21MAY2009 tropical sun ingress in Gemini.Moon sextile with Jupiter and Mars sextile Jupiter,Helios Mercury in Sagittarius lifted gold again high.Gold made high $955 yesterday.

but sun square jupiter separation pull backed most of the world markets yesterday.DOW LOST -129 POINTS.SENSEX &NIFTY down by -324&-59 points.Asian &Europe markets also closed in red 21MAY.

Retrograde mercury still offering his volatility nature in markets.Mercury comes into direct motion on 30th.So up to 29th volatility will be continue in stock markets.Mars sextile Jupiter and moon good transit may offers some gains in stock markets today.Sun trine Node offers some volatility in Gold too.

Sidereal Mars will be enters in Aries on 24th.copper demand will be less at this copper market may face some troubles in this week.

SUN ingress in 2nd house to Indian Asc yesterday. retrograde mercury volatility nature &moon phase offered some down side in Indian markets also. overall its not a bad transit for Indian market.

after Saturn direct motion crude also gained $6 in this week

Today at Indian markets opening time Saturn hr is running Saturn may offers some down side trend.but after that Jupiter hr will be starts..again chances for markets lift.overall moon phase is good..hope markets will be close in green or at least no major damage for markets today.

Note:-In May many planetary changes occurring in zodiac ,its very difficult to predict daily trends for markets. be care in trading retrograde mercury creates confusion in traders mind .


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