Friday, May 29, 2009


Dear followers &members

In my previous post i have given Gold outlook.

Gold finally crossed $966 per trading above $977.Already it made high $981.50.

In my previous mail i said $977-$980 are hurdles.BOTH TESTED NOW.

The next breaking point is $983. If $983 target $1005.

but before touching $1005 gold should be take a small correction.after crossing $983.

Today Mercury turns into direct motion.Yesterday Jupiter conjunction
Neptune taken place.Today Neptune turning into retrograde.Jupiter
expansion nature and Neptune optimism given rise in stock markets
yesterday and today also(particularly in Indian markets).

But retrograde Neptune will not offer so far good results for stock markets. Now Jupiter was in direct,so somewhat better than worse.but when Jupiter turns into retrograde again Some CHANGES will be comes in stock markets.

After Saturn direct crude also gained a lot.I have given crude breaking
points and targets to my clients. some of them are in this group.hope
they might be remembers my crude expectations/targets.

in my next group mail/blog posting ,I will post the upcoming planetary transits/aspects and my views on stock markets, gold&crude.

wishes to all


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