Monday, May 18, 2009


SATURN came into direct on 17th. usually after Saturn’s direct the stock markets may get some relief .but the trading planet mercury is in retrogression upto 30th May.but today mercury conjunction with sun.sun transiting in taurus at 27*:23′ and mercury at 27*:44′.. both are in close conjunction.retrograde mercury effects will be less or nil today and tomorrow.same time today mercury in the middle of retrograde days.change of trend in stock markets as well as in gold markets is the result.but this effect will be short time only.after separating close conjunction with sun again retrograde mercury offers some volatility in markets( one day up one day down like this) .

Jupiter conjunction with Neptune indicates expansion. both are transiting in Aquarius a scientific &technology sign and airy sign. tech sectors may expands in this long Jupiter &Neptune conjunction period.

telecoms sector will expands more and more in this time.those stocks will gains in markets.the financial lord Jupiter conjunction with Neptune offers some benefit to financial sectors banking/insurance..but in coming months Jupiter again turn into retrogression…same time Neptune turns into retrograde on 29 th MAY.most significant changes may comes in banking sector is it good or bad ???? See my opinions/views on this transit in my next posting.

at Indian markets opening time mars hour ruling ..mars in “akash tathva” great expansion of indian follows sun tejas hr.upto 11:10 am.

A tiny jockey from his magnificent horse looks about eagerly and as the race starts he becomes a god of speed.

That is result of Mars-Moon position at market opening time.


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