Monday, June 15, 2009


After a long days gap i am posting again about market trends.

before going to say about the markets let us see what are the planetary transits & aspects between planets in the natural zodiac.

1. Sun transiting in Gemini and and Trine with Neptune& Jupiter(applying aspects) and opposition with Pluto

2.Mercury returned to his own sign Gemini on 14 Th June.trine node &square with Jupiter

3.Venus and Mars transiting in Taurus.both are in conjunction

4.Jupiter(Rx) turned into retrograde today(15th June) & conjunction with Neptune

5.Saturn crossed middle of the sign in Virgo.

6.Uranus transiting in Pisces

7.Neptune(Rx) in Aquarius (conjunction with Jupiter)

8.Pluto(Rx) was in Capricorn (opposition with sun)

9.North Node still in Aquarius and south Node in Leo

On 14th June Sun square Saturn over .we have seen when sun square Saturn started that day on wards crude moved up side and reached some highs(73.32) .and after this aspect over crude price will come today crude down trend started.In gold sun square Jupiter given rise in gold in May and reached good high(990) in June 1st week.

in my earlier posts that i said sun square Jupiter good for gold and after Saturn direct motion Saturn is good for crude traders.and Jupiter conjunction Neptune given rise in stock markets.same time i said after Jupiter retrograde some changes in markets.u can observe this in today stock markets.

Mercury Trine Node offering volatility in markets again.and some down trend also indicated on sun opposition Pluto also offers down trend in stock markets.but sun trine Jupiter will not help to stop down trend, bcoz Jupiter is in retrograde.

But after separation of sun opposition Pluto SOME CHANGES WILL OCCURS IN MARKETS.Retrograde Jupiter conjunction with retrograde Neptune certainly offers a new trend or a new way of trading policies will be come in stock markets..

Mars trine Saturn will be a sudden changes in crude and sun square Uranus in gold also indicating.mostly on 16th or 17th.

And 18 th or 19th some upward movement in stock markets and profit booking also on cards.

Same time sun square Uranus in gold too

Sun ingress in cancer on 21 st..and opposition with Pluto may pull down markets but after separation again markets moves upside this upside movement will continue till end of again moves in upward direction after sun ingress in highs for gold still on cards in this year.

more details in next post.

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