Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eswar calls on nifty/Gold/Crude

Dear premium members
please remember Eswar's nifty future short call @5305 given target 5020..and given exit call around 5000..again short calls given @5030 &4920 with targets for positional traders as well as day traders exited both in long and short according to targets.Eswar advised 5030 short holding to positional traders .positional target sent by mail to positional traders..exit according to Eswar targets.if any update or change in target we will inform u soon.
till now Eswar positional target 4660 for 5030 short call in nifty future.
we have sent mails to Gold and crude traders with entry and exit levels for
all intraday and positional trades details time to time.
trade according to those calls..and book profits time to time.
yestaerdays gold&crude short calls reached targets...please exit in gold and crude at given targets.
(stock market forecast )

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