Thursday, April 1, 2010

crude oil calls update

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Current graph 1, April, 2010

crude oil calls update 
My 3 rd positional call on crude @ 59.50 on 10th July 2009  target of $ 84.00 .Target time 6 months . Reached target on Jan 11th 2010.

My 4th & 5th  positional calls  on crude @ $68.30 on Dec 14th 2009 & @ $72.00 on 2nd Feb 2010 . Targets $84.00(achieved) ,$90.00 , $100 period 2 to 6 months on the way to reach targets.

currently crude trading around $85.30...hope  it will be reach my  another 2 targets within time .

My New year gift call for  premium members sent on  14th DEC 2009 & posted in  this blog on DEC, 22, 2009...


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