Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nifty views and levels

Nifty views for the day :16, April 2010
Nifty likely to open Down side to previous close at around 5253..5242 between
Nifty levels for up side :5289-5293-5305-5310..
Nifty levels for down side :5253-5242-5218-5201
Nifty short term support levels : 5242-5201-5186.below 5186 nifty chances to go 5020 levels.But chances are less.

But  weekly graphs showing an  upward trend in coming weeks.Nifty will be reach 5567-5710-5800 ..levels

in my previous posts that have said according to planetary transits The markets will be in high fluctuations..with sudden rises and falls and given Caution to Traders.
please read my all past forecasts on markets & nifty views.which are posted in my blogs and sent to group.

My advise to small traders stay away from markets particulary in F&O trading till 28th april


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