Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nifty views and levels

Nifty Views for the day-22,April,2010

Nifty is likely to open down side to previous close 5244.90.or opens
minor upside and goes down side in few mints.

Nifty upside levels :5255-5267-5285
Nifty down side levels :5232-5218-5210-5204.

5204 brake then chances for 5192-5186.

Astrological views.

Today at Indian markets opening time Sun hr going on.

Sun coming under the influence of Pluto after few mints to Indian markets opening be careful,Nifty will be face sudden reversals from above said points.

some selling pressure might be come in markets.
Don't take any positions till 9:28 am.wait and watch.

Advise to small traders..stay away from markets..stop-loss is must for
every intraday trade as well as positional trades during this Mercury
retrograde period particularly.


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