Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nifty views update

 Nifty full view Since 2008 jan high to till now.And Nifty supported levels & future levels.
Nifty has crossed 25%.50% levels .Now trading 75% (6035)  level zone.100% level 6450 might be reach in coming months.But 75% level is an imp level..if any selloff take place in this area then nifty will be correct to  5765-5745 immidiate support levels.if it sustain above 6035 for 3 continue Trading days on closing base then it may reach 6128 levels soon.

Imp Days to watch :23,24 th sep,28th sep
25th May low to 89  TDS.
27th Oct 2008 low to 466TDS
8 Jan 2008 high to 666 TDS

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