Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silver (XAGUSD)-Update

 In My previous posting on silver as i mentioned ,Silver support levels 28.88-28.32.
Silver has got support @ these levels and moving towards old highs.
Now 29.98 breakout is important for further highs.(cmp29.69).

Gold :
Oct 14th 2010 Gold made high of 1386.80 and fell from there to 1314.
From Oct 14th 2010 to Jan 13th 2011= 89 fib days.
Today gold stopped its up move at 1386.80 till now.
1386.80 is time and price squaring according to Gann.(90 days).
1387 breakout next minor hurdles for gold 1392 &1397.
once these 2 levels breakout ..then more chance to reach
old highs or evn new coming days
If not breakout 1397 then there is a possibility of 1365 & 1344 levels down side

Trade well

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