Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gold 2.8 yrs up cycle -update -5

Since 2008 Jan 20 th many Times I have repeated My words that Gold has  started its 2.8 yrs Up Cycle and posted Here in this Blog & in  various Yahoo Groups.I have  advised to buy/sell Gold at various Price levels in Up/down movements($864-1048-1156-1322 Some major Buy calls/1002,1224,1264.1385,1429 some of major sell calls )to Both Traders and Investors of Gold Since 2009 Jan to till now.Those who are not believed My words/predictions and  had no confidence on my projections.They are Big looser of Great opportunities ..

 Opportunities are many in In financial Markets But Luck & Golden Opportunities comes very rarely

Luck and Golden Opportunities never Knock Your door twice.

This is my last update on 2.8 yrs up cycle of Gold....
 Trade well

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