Friday, September 26, 2008

stock markets,gold &crude trends in my view.


In my 13 sep 2008 post ,i have predicted about indian stock markets,gold&crude.yes after 11th Sep 08 the gold was rised very sharply, and crude reached below $100 once.The Indian stock markets reached low NSE touches 3900 levels, and BSE sensex may touch 13,100 level. Now according to planetary transit ,Mercury is in retrograde motion. So the markets will be in same position.But Moon crossing mercury in this week.So i am expecting gold stops its high at $925 or nearst to that. but crude may touch $ 11o in this week.silver also comes down.After new moon THE MARKETS TREND MAY CHANGE their direction
The indian stock markets also stop downward trends, but its a small upward till oct 6th.before october 6th NSE gains 225 points again. and BSE sensex gains 750 points.