Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crude,Gold,Silver comes down.

AGAIN CRUDE PRCICE CROSS $100 below per barrel.And gold&silver price come down.

in my 13th sep2008 post , i have given my opinion about stock markets ,gold and crude prices . according to my prediction gold up by $116 per oncz . and crude down by $6.and indian stock markets also reached my expected figs. now i am posting here some important planetary transits in the zodiac between 22nd september 2008 ..and 6th oct views on these planetary aspects.

ON 24TH SEP the Mercury goes into retrograde motion.During Mercury retrogration time all stock markets may effect immidiatly after starting its retrogration.we can expect 25th,26 th ,29th september one more down falls in indian stock markets.indian stock markets may reach its bottom levels.The bse semsex may reach 12500 levels&NSE REACH 38OO levels.Because of mercury retrogration silver comes down,GOLD stops its upward trend,after reaching $925 it may come down.And CRUDE BETWEEN $103 TO $95.crude may cross $100 after 29th september.

The death planet PLUTO now in direct motion,the stationary pluto influence on stock markets now. But this bad pluto influnce may be over on 29th september we can expect stock markets move upward from 30th september.But this upward motion is a very slow.AGAIN WE CAN EXPECT SOME FALL ON 6TH OCT 2008.Because of uranus aspects on saturn still there.and moon conjunction with PLUTO 0n 6th october. and mars separating aspect from pluto.mercury &sun aspecting jupiter ,these aspects may pull down stock markets once again on 6th or 7th october 2008.

these are only my astrological views on stock markets.readers may note this point.i am not responceble for any losses or gains of investors.