Monday, September 29, 2008


Another worst day for indian stock markets&world markets.Today the indian stock markets reached their bottom levels. The day for end of downward trend to indian stock markets and world markets .Tomorrow(30th sep 08) markets move upward..........And i am expecting that,THE DOW MAY SEEN ITS HISTORICAL BOTTOM LEVELS.ON 29TH SEPTEMBER.

30th sep 2008 the new moon day will start,we can expect stock markets will be get some relife from long time downward trend.but on 6th/7th october 2008 stock markets may slip once again.before that the indian stock markets ,NSE WILL GAIN 150 TO 225 POINTS & BSE sensex gains 750 to 950. and US markets DOW MAY GAINS 500 to 700 points.NASDAQ with 75 to 100. before 6th october