Wednesday, October 1, 2008

stockmarket views

In my last post i have given my views on stock markets,gold,silver crude.according to my astrological views ,the results are in line.ON 30TH SEPTEMBER 2008 &1ST OCTOBER 2008, THE INDIAN STOCK MARKETS closed by green.And the gold,silver,crude prices also in downward according to my views.The same trend may continue till 3rd Oct 2008. but according to tropical astro charts, today the US markets may close by red.because the retrograde Mercury aspect on Neptune,and Lilith aspects on mercury.SUN square aspect with JUPITER.So in my view today the DOW &NASDAQ may open with low to previous.after opening dow may loose 150 to 200 points,and i am expecting some recovery may take place from down levels.and moves uside to previous, but the markets may slip again.