Tuesday, October 14, 2008

stock market forecast by kpastroakella

The world markets ready to recover their losses,what they lost in 1st week of October 08.its true.but one more day is balance for real upwards to stock markets.Because the trading planet MERCURY still in retrograde.Mercury comes into direct on 15th night only.up to that time traders&investors not involve completely in stock markets.we can observe this in Indian markets today.even Indian markets open with high volumes,they may not stand there,after some time the indexes may fall.

But today in US markets we can't expect major ups. but compare to last day today is very low gains.The DOW index may gains by opening 300-500. I am not expecting further ups today. NASDAQ may gains by opening 40-80 points .

will dow and nasdaq stay above to previous close with opening gain points?not sure. bcoz of retrograde mercury ,saturn uranus opposition aspects,venus transit in scorpio ,
moon transiting Aries trine with pluto,sun opposition moon, these major aspects may pull down markets again.but mercury is in last deg in retrogration, which may comes in direct 15th( tomorrow.)which is showing something better than worse.hope markets may close in green today.if not close in green ,we expect after 15th only markets in positive trend.in my last post i expressed my views on stock markets. after 15th only stock markets in clear picture.hope the present stock markets crises may end here only.AFTER 15TH the US & world stock markets turn into positive.