Tuesday, October 14, 2008

msg for 15th oct 08

good morning all. but certainly bad day for Indian markets.because MERCURY going to direct today night.now his immediate move is stationary.test markets strengths as well as investors patience.don't panic.We are not in US. we are in INDIA.if u r long term investor then go and take rest don't see present market trends.if u r day trader avoid trading.book ur profits 50%.in longs.wait and see .nifty may test 3450 level today.but before going to lows we need nifty 3700 fig.let us see.but not today.hope that fig may comes in this month.every thing is possible in Indian markets.now the WORLD markets following Indian markets.keep Indian markets at a good level.the world markets also in positive then.that is India's position in the WORLD.