Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stock market forecast :Pluto vs job cuts

In my 6th Nov 08 article i have expressed my astro views on Pluto's transit in Capricorn.
Capricorn the natural 10th sign in the zodiac.which represents public employment .the death planet Pluto transit in this sign effects the public employment.i was suspected more job cuts worldwide .
On Friday sun micro announced 6,000 job cuts.(see Venus &Pluto conjunction article)
Now on Monday citigroup has taken a decision to layoff more than 50,000 workers.

The weak Asc lord Venus &10th lord saturn

The Indian IT companies might be announce more job cuts .may be in a couple of weeks many IT employers will be lose their jobs.

not only in IT sector. saturn rules automobile. the automobile sector also facing this problems.

Jupiter&node moving closer..... what is the next damage in financial sector????

will be come ....in my next posting