Wednesday, November 19, 2008

stock market vs planets

In the natural zodiac SUN moving close to Pluto.this conjunction may plunges the stock markets world wide.In the natural zodiac sun is the lord of 5th sign which represents speculation in stocks,and Pluto the death and dead planet more powerful in Capricorn(according to me Pluto entered in Capricorn on 10th November, but according to Westerns Pluto enters in capricorn on 26th november).The sun &pluto close aspects(30*) makes fear in speculators /investors/traders in stock markets.And bussiness lord mercury transiting in scorpio along with Sun.Sun was at 28*/29* my previous article i said that if any planet transit at 29*will offers worst to those related signs matters and those planetary governering matters.And NODE transiting in AQUARIOUS.Which is the 11th sign in natural zodiac, this Node aspecting 5th sign LEO.BOTH 5TH &11TH HOUSE matters will be spoil at this time. 11th house represents, the fulfilment of desires and all gains comes under this sign. The malefic Node transit will cut public gains as well as public happyness.

Now all planets in between two Nodes(except Uranus&Neptune). which is called KALASARPA DOSHA.So the between planets will be losses their strength.they will not offer any good results at this time. but the other malefic planets like, pluto, uranus, mars gains strength at this time.

i was already told in my previous articles,the reasons for job cuts according to astrology.plz see my previous articles.i am expecting more job cuttings in defferent sectors world wide.bcoz of saturn&uranus oppostion aspects and PLUTO TRANSIT IN CAPRICORN(natural 10th sign).

now sun 30* aspect with pluto will be creates more worst in stock markets immidiatly,today the world markets may face huge falls once again.

more results will be come in my next posting.