Thursday, February 26, 2009

Astro views on markets

Now in the zodiac the planetary aspects are showing a positive signals for stock markets as well as commodity markets in March.

so the global stock markets will gains at this time .The Dowjones will be gains more than 350 points in coming weeks.

And Indian Bse sensex will reach 9400 level.and Nse nifty will reach 2900/2950 levels in coming weeks.

the gold dropped from its high $1005 to $936.

now gold will get support at $936-$933 and moves upside up to $968.if this fig cross , then $985 is possible once will get resistance between 985-995.and again drops from those levels to 910 low levels in coming weeks.

crude also moves upside it will be reach $45. if crude cross $45 then there is a chance for $56/$62.and crude will get resistance at $62/$65.again it falls upto $45/$48.


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