Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Markets are ready to bounces back.

Dow made 12yrs low in last trading day....

today is turning point for all world markets..

.soon Dow will stay above 7,000 levels..

gold reached in return journey.... $905.05 from $1005 ...

readers can remember my previous post ....

silver crossed $14....again coming down from those levels...

silver range $11.89--$14.85 forMarch1& 2weeks

crude touched $45.00

what is next in markets???

my astrological views on markets:

Dow again gains 300 to 400 points very soon..and stays above 7000 levels..

gold will gets support between $895--$910..again it moves upside..this time gold will get

Resistance between $958-$965

so expecting gold range for coming 2weeks $895-$965

Imp levels for Gold:

upside: $918..925..933..942..if $942 breaks then $958..$ possible

down side: if gold breaks $904..then down side levels $899..$895...if $889 also breaks $ 875 is possible.

crude upside :..$45..$48.. if $48 breaks $54..$59..$63 is possible
down side :..$41..$39.. if $39 breaks $36..$33..$31 is possible..

but i am expecting crude moves upside only..will be reach $48 ..pbl

Note:-I am following USA Gold ONLY...all gold prices in this blog are according to USA Gold only. dear followers please convert these prices into ur local currencies.


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